« YUCK… »

« YUCK… »

A colorful design to sensitize Londoners to street harassment

This project is an independent initiative in collaboration with personal contacts of mine, based in London and committed for women’s rights. We decided to design small communication supports and to spread them through the city to fight what is a suffocating problem over there, street harassment.

The cards will be distributed directly in the problematic areas, this spring 2019. The purpose is to invite people, especially men, to re-considerate the toxicity of certain behaviors they somehow witness everyday, and which they even maybe perpetuate themselves.

Since the #MeToo social phenomenon one year ago, sexist harassment is a particularly current and hot topic. To counter it while avoiding defensive unproductive reactions, the message needed to be delicately dosed.

This is why the main illustration shows isolated body parts, eyes and mouths with filthy expressions, rather than entire characters. This allows, I think, to focus on the toxic gestures themselves, and avoids to build a « male monster » visual stereotype. We thought that with this angle, we would encourage more self-questioning and mutual help in the streets.


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