User interface design for a collaborative map

Use It! – The phone app & its functionalities

Use it! edits original travel guides based on local residents’ advices & tipps, in a lot of of European cities . The project here was to design a digital version (smartphone app) of these paper maps.

The application had to transcribe the experience proposed by the original maps – like the localisation of special places and activities in the city -, but also to offer some extra interactive options.

The graphics are inspired by handwritten tags and paper textures, with acid « pop » colors. It connotes a travel notebook where the local city residents would have « express » themselves ; a message from people to people even through the numeric support.

« I’m the map, I’m the map »

The map is hand-drawn, respecting the application’s chromatic codes and is embellished by emblematic city buildings representations (landmark + ornament).

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