Refreshing the identity of a scientific and educative organization

You can see, at left, the ancient logo’s chromatic declinations.


Arthropologia is a scientific structure, whose mission is first to do inventories and studies about the local flora/fauna/environment. The second part of its activity concerns sensitization and educative animations for both youngs and adults.

The ancient logotype had several dysfunctions. At first, its format wasn’t optimized for a web use because of its unbalanced proportions text/images : The name represented a too tiny part of the whole logo, because of too many unnecessary graphic details extending its surface. Thus, when used at a small size, the logo was hard too read and always tricky to integrate in communication documents.

The new graphic identity of Arthropologia had to be explicit about the organization’s domain of activity (local nature and its macroscopic life) but also to express values ​​of curiosity and discovery.
I took inspiration in modern and trendy charities communication supports after a wide references research. The final result presents the head of a bee, which is a strong symbol of green activism, interpreted with modern pop colors and playful texture effects. One of its eyes is part of the organization’s name, and looks like a magnifying glass.


The next image shows three versions of the final logotype.

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